Want to include an MTI eLearning course on your own LMS?

We can embed our courses on any SCORM 1.2 or LTI compliant LMS

Want to include your own company specific content or branding in an MTI eLearning course?

We can create brand new or edit exisiting courses to suit your company's requirements and even include company branding if you want to maintain continuity.

Some examples of content we've included in recent courses:

  • Company social media policy
  • Scenarios using your vessels
  • Company specific questioning and media calls
  • Content not already in our courses or enhanced sections and questioning

Use MTI-eLearning.com to host a unique training website domain and courses

We have the ability to host your edited courses on a "private" section of MTI-eLearning.com that only your colleagues and seafarers can access.

We can also host a unique domain name (e.g. your-shipping-company.com) on our site which can be accessed by your staff to complete a range of different courses.

Want to discuss your requirements further?

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